Thursday, November 01, 2007

Numbers and a little background

The chef outfit came about because Markus' favorite thing to play with at Abu and Papa's is the kitchen. He beelines it for the kitchen every time we visit. And lately, Abu has been putting the hat and the apron on him while he cooks- and he has never tried to take it off. He has some of his own kitchen utensils to play with at our house, and typically will spend the entire day carrying around either the wisk, the spatula or a spoon. So it was no problem getting him in that outfit last night or getting him to hold on to the wisk. We did lose the wisk at Costco today (I had no idea when he dropped it, but he did) but as long as we still have some of the other tools I think he will survive.
On a different note, I just have to get down his numbers from his 18 month check. 24 lbs 5 oz and 32 1/4". He is now in the 50% for height and 25% for weight. His head is still off the charts :).