Sunday, March 22, 2009

An update

Just some recent pics...

Markus has been driving me a little batty the last couple days. He is just not himself. However, he continues to crack me up all the time.
1. Today, he and Halle were playing in her crib while I took a shower. I had the monitor on so I could hear if any disasters broke out. This is what I heard- "Halle, sit on your bottom. Because you are married to me now."
2. His latest fascination is playing under blankets. While he and Mark were playing under the blanket on the couch the other day, he said "The girls get too hot under the blanket. And the boys go under the blanket to keep them warm." Oh please, start praying for this boy now! :)
3. As I dressed Halle for church this morning, he said "Mommy I don't think that dress works for her." He then grabbed another dress from her closet, held it out to me and said "Try this one. I LOVE it." So I did :).

Halle Joy is crawling everywhere- and she's super fast. She can motor up the stairs all by herself. She is pulling up on furniture and is just starting to take a few steps while hanging on. She is starting to hit Markus when he gets in her personal space- which is all the time. She still eats just about anything you put in front of her, and is actually getting the nhang of feeding herself from the spoon. She happily plays when I am not around- but if I am anywhere near her she is not happy unless in my arms. She is a delightful little gal!

Monday, March 02, 2009

A new blog

I started a new blog today. No pictures to post there- basically, just an online journal where I can record what God is teaching me. If you're interested, the address is Don't worry, this one with the cute kids and cute stories will continue :).

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The refrigerator

Yesterday, Halle Joy was a bit of a mess all day. Fever + runny nose + no appetite = needy baby. I was comforting her and Markus came to me and asked for his milk. I told him he could go get it from the refrigerator. It was a few minutes later when I realized he was very quiet, too quiet, and I hadn't seen him since I told him he could get his milk. I peeked into the kitchen to find him happily sitting inside the fridge, his milk, some syrup and hershey's syrup lined up on the floor, an open whipped cream canister and some "evidence" (as if there wasn't already enough) on his face, hands and the floor. I cracked up. The minute he saw me he pulled the door closed as far as he could, and then peeked out the side with a huge grin. I did what any scrapbooking mom would do- asked him to stay put and grabbed the camera. Once he knew he wasn't in trouble (he wasn't- we had never told him that was a "no"- now, of course, it is!) he held out the hershey's syrup to me (I didn't think he even knew what it was) and said "Mommy, what IS this? It's gooooood." I replied "It's chocolate sauce" and he said "I like chocolate sauce!" Then he held out the whipped cream canister and said "I can't get this to work Mommy" to which I replied "Thank God."