Monday, November 17, 2008

Two recent funnies....

1. On our recent trip to the Oregon coast with Mark, Katie, Abigail and Maddie (our dear friends), Markus and Abigail really bonded. They played so well together (they are only two months apart) that we never once had to step in on a toddler fight. Not once! On our last night, I was getting Markus ready for bed in our room while Katie was getting Abigail ready for bed in another. Markus and Abigail were literally calling out for each other- "Markus, Markus" followed by "Abigail, Abigail". It was a riot. I looked at Markus and said "Isn't it great that you have a best friend like Abigail?". He looked at me and responded "Yes Mommy. It's kind of like Markus is the daddy lion and Abigail is the mommy lion".
2. At Costco today, we saw a gentleman which quite a long, gray beard. I don't know how many beards Markus has seen in his two and a half years. Anyways, he turned to me and asked "Mommy, is that an elephant?". I couldn't stop laughing.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Think he had a good time?

Lots of photos to upload and edit and stories to tell, but here is a taste. We had a fantastic time on our Oregon coast vacation/staff retreat. Markus had so much fun on the beach and playing with Abigail. Both kids did great... unless you count the sleeping part... or lack thereof. We are all exhausted, but refreshed, if that makes sense.