Friday, August 29, 2008

On our walk...

Markus noticed some moss growing in between a crack on the sidewalk. "Look Mommy, there's some broccoli!"
And this picture... I have to save it for the wedding slideshow someday.

No, she couldn't be any cuter

So thankful...

that God saw fit to heal my grandmother from her scare last weekend that required an emergency stay at the hospital. So we could capture more precious moments like these.

A little phone time

Brownie Batter Face

Her favorite toy

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He melts me

I had a great day with my kiddos today (the 5-6 pm hour was a nightmare, but we'll forget about that for now). Halle Joy passed out around 6:15 which left some good evening time for Markus and I to be together. Since I didn't eat dinner with Markus (see note about 5-6 hour above) I made myself a quick quesadilla while we were playing. He claimed he was still hungry (after 1 cup of corn, a hot dog, a yogurt, half an apple and some peach cobbler with ice cream) and he parked on the floor with me and we shared my "dilla", played with toys and colored. There really wasn't anything exciting about our time together, but for some reason my heart was just super tender towards him and I was overwhelmed with love and appreciation for him. I could not stop hugging and kissing him- and he was eating it up. It was just a simple, precious time. After he was tucked in bed and our books were read, I asked him if he wanted to pray. Usually we talk about what we can pray for, and Mark and I have been talking a lot about things that we can be thankful for with him when we say nighttime prayers. He is "coached" quite a bit through his nighttime prayers. But tonight, after I asked him if he wanted to pray, he launched into his own, totally unprompted prayer- "Dear Jesus, thank you for going outside to play today. Thank you for fun with mommy. I love you Jesus. Amen.". And that my friends, is what being a mommy is all about.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The girl

Not much to say about her yet. She has all of us wrapped around her little finger. She is a crummy nighttime sleeper... but I cherish those moments alone with her. She was 17 lbs at her 6 month checkup (60th%) and 27" long (80th%). She had a super smile and continues to be relatively easygoing. No teeth yet, no rolling over, sitting up for about 15 seconds on her own, loves the Bumbo, loves her big brother.

Markus Sparkus

The kid is a riot lately- and a handful. He is definitely two. We are hearing way more "I wants" than "May I please have" but we are getting there :). He is exerting his will in some not so pleasant ways... but there are a multitude of moments when he is the sweetest, most loving boy you could ever imagine too.
The other day it was raining and I needed something fun to keep him busy indoors. We had received an email that morning that a friend who recently lost her husband was in need for some encouragement... and it just so happened that she loved chocolate cookies. So when Markus awoke from his nap we baked a batch of chocolate-white chocolate chip cookies to take to her and her family. While we were baking these were Markus' funnies-
1. When he poured the flour into a bowl it made a mound. He exclaimed, "Look Mommy! Markus made a mountain!"
2. When we mixed the dry ingredients with the wet there was a cloud of flour dust that came out of the bowl. He said, "Mommy don't touch. The cookies are hot." It definitely did look like steam!
3. I was placing the dough onto the cookie sheet and Markus asked if they were ready. I said no, we had to put them in the oven first. His response? "We put them in the oven and then they get nice and warm."
And here are some random summer pics. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No pics but some cute stories

Sorry I haven't posted any pics in a LONG time. We are having hard drive issues and I cannot upload any pics until we get a new backup. But here are some cute recent tales of my life with my wonderful kiddos.
1. A couple weeks ago, I put both the kids to bed and headed downstairs to the computer. It wasn't but a few minutes when I heard Markus get out of his bed, which is unusual for him. Then I heard his door open- WHAT? The kid can open doors now? I heard the door close, and thought he had gone back to bed... then I heard the little footsteps on the stairs. He was oh so quiet. My back was to the stairs and so I just sat and waited and pretended I didn't know he was coming down the stairs. I just wanted to see what he would do. When he got to where he could see me he stopped. He waited for 5 minutes! Then ever so quietly he went down the rest of the stairs and tiptoed into the living room where he proceeded to ever so quietly pull out some toys to play with. After 10 minutes (I had to get my composure- I was giggling too much to keep a straight face when I told him he had to stay in his room at bedtime!) I walked out into the living room and just waited until he saw me. He finally looked up and got the biggest grin he possibly could on his face- and then jumped up and took off as fast as he could away from me. He knew he was in for it! I grabbed a childproof doorknob cover and we headed back upstairs to bed.
2. Today I was peeling a peach for Markus. I was making quite the long peel, and Markus said "Look, Mommy's making a snake!"
3. We were out running errands a few days ago, and I took more time than I should have (imagine that with two kids, right?). The last 10 minutes of our drive Halle Joy screamed bloody murder. When we pulled up in front of the house, Markus leaned toward Halle Joy's carseat and said "It's okay Baby Halle we're home! Now it's time for your milk!"
4. Markus and I often lay on the floor with Halle Joy. I am encouraging her like crazy to roll over. The other night I left her playing on the floor on her back and was making dinner. Markus came tearing into the kitchen saying "Mommy, Baby Halle rolled over! Baby Halle rolled over!". Sure enough, when I went into the living room she was on her tummy, happy as could be. I got down on the floor and said "Good job Halle Joy!" which Markus repeated over and over as he tried to give her a high five. I rolled her on her back again so I could see her roll over (you know where this is going, right?) . I even called Mark to tell him that she had rolled over. After a minute or so, Markus got in her face again and said "Good job Halle Joy. Baby Halle roll over!" and proceeded to put both his little hands on her bottom and roll her over. I asked him if he had rolled her over before- you already know the answer.
5. Markus perched at the top of the slide at a playdate today and yelled out "Hello everyone! Here I come!"
6. The little dude continues to be all about cleaning, organizing, etc. Tonight he "swept" the floors, because "big brothers help mommies" (he came up with that one all on his own) for 20 minutes. Oh how I hope he continues to be this fascinated with cleaning when he actually can help mommy :).
7. Out of nowhere the other night at bedtime Markus surprised me by singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" (or, Tinkle, Tinkle per Markus) from start to finish all by himself. I really didn't think he knew any of that song.
8. No funnies about Halle Joy. She just continues to be as sweet as ever, despite having a gnarly cold right now. SHe has her 6 month check on Thursday, so I will post some stats then.