Sunday, May 25, 2008

These two

There are days when I think they look totally different. But looking at these pics of them at almost the same age... I'm thinking they look pretty alike!

Sunday Seven

I've been neglecting this lately... time to get back in the groove!

1. Some great time with my family while my Uncle Jim (Dad's brother) and Aunt Yvonne are in town. Dinner at mom and dad's Friday, the farmer's market yesterday and church and lunch here today.
2. Watching Markus and Katie become pals. They played really well together on Friday. Watching them take a bath together was a riot. Markus talked about it the whole way home.
3. Halle Joy started to giggle more when tickled this week. Such a precious sound.
4. Reading a lift the flap book with Markus tonight that has all the major kid Bible stories. He was obsessed with Adam and Eve (I'll have to get him saying their names on tape- it's pretty cute). He also loved saying his version of Goliath (sounds kind of like giraffe) over and over again. He wanted to go into the ocean like Jonah.
5. Mark watching the kiddos this afternoon so I could get a nap (little miss let me sleep from 1-4 last night...).
6. Coming to a decision with Mark about something that I am SUPER excited about.
7. Bible study on Tuesday. It was our last one of the year. I will miss it terribly during the summer- I love those gals!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Two days ago, Maria Sue Chapman (age 5), daughter of Christian musical artist Steven Curtis Chapman, was involved in a tragic accident in her family driveway and subsequently is celebrating her homegoing with Jesus right now. I heard the news yesterday morning and have since been processing some pretty major things. I wanted to jot them down while they were still fresh, and somehow writing them here- on a public setting- makes them more real to me. So here goes.

1. Notice in my opening sentence I used both the words "tragic" and "celebrate". "Accidents" that result in death are an interesting paradox for believers. On one hand, we say this death was tragic- the manner in which it happened, the fact that a family mourns their 5 year old girl, etc. But on the other hand, her death means that she now is with her Savior Jesus for eternity, in a place where there are no tears, no shame, no hurt- pure Joy alone. As a believer, I can claim that an event such as this is both tragic and wonderful, sad and beautiful, heartbreaking and freeing. Interesting.

2. On Monday night during our small group time, we had a discussion about really committing to the Lord all of our possessions here on earth. One of the things the Lord really impressed upon all of our hearts was the need for all of us to commit our children to Him as well. After all, they truly are His, not ours. I thought that I had committed our children to Him, trusting Him with their lives. Then I heard this story... and I found myself wondering if I truly have trusted Him with them. What if He called them home sooner than I thought appropriate? Would I trust Him with that? Would I still love Him through that? My head says absolutely. He is my God and He is sovereign and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that His will is perfect. But my heart... it is something I really need to pray through and make certain that I am daily relinquishing my control over to Him.

3. I have always had a heart for adoption. Over the last year and a half, Mark and I have been praying about whether or not adoption is for our family. Maria Sue Chapman was the youngest of the three Chapman girls that they adopted from China. As much as I think her little life was cut too short, I can't help but think how full that little girl's life was because the Chapmans welcomed her into their hearts and home. She was loved dearly and exposed to Jesus on a daily basis in a home that honored Him. She more than likely never would have experienced an introduction to Jesus had she remained in an orphanage in China. She never would have known the love of a family. She was blessed because of their willingness to follow God's command to care for the widows and orphans. Mark and I have so much love to give and it is hard for me to think about having another biological child when there are MILLIONS in this world that are desperate for what we can provide. This story has made that reality even more real in both our hearts. We are processing what that means for our family.

4. In closing, I have included a video from the Chapmans' website featuring a precious moment between Maria Sue and her daddy. Something as simple as washing dishes can be such a delight to a child. How often do I run through a day, doing all the mundane stuff, without a thought to how I can engage and enjoy my kiddos? My time with them is precious, and I do not know which moment could possibly be the last. Instead of hurrying through the day, I am now going to challenge myself to thoroughly ENJOY every part of being with my kiddos. Markus' new thing is dancing on the sidewalk whenever we walk out to the car. Typically, I am rushing him and am sometimes even annoyed that he would rather dance on the sidewalk than get in the car and get to whatever the next thing is on my list for the day. I now know it is my job to not only allow him a few moments to dance to his heart's content, but to dance and clap and laugh right along with him- and bask in every moment of that precious time. I need to have the video camera and digital camera ready at all times and be willing to CAPTURE life as it is happening. I need to let go of my schedule (when appropriate) and my to-do list and PLAY. Because as I quoted before from my dear friends' Ross and Taya's blog, the days are long but the years are short. There may be a day when I am longing for those long days again, and I don't ever want to regret the manner in which I lived those long days with my kiddos.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Our sweet boy sure loves to dance!

Markus and Halle

They are too cute together!

Markus' favorite word

Any guesses from his video as to Markus' favorite word?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Children's Museum

We were blessed with a super fun day last week at the Seattle Children's Museum with Uncle Boo, Auntie Dawn, Katie and Isabella. Markus and Katie had a blast together- it was so fun watching them really PLAY with one another. There were lots of fun things to do and lots of space to explore. Markus was asleep before we even hit the freeway when we left!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hugs from Big Brother

Whenever Halle Joy is on the floor, Markus is right there with her- often hugging her like so.

See the absolute joy on his face when he is with her?

I love how she is watching him in anticipation of what's to come...

Notice how slimey her face is. That's from Markus kisses, and that is often the state of her face and head when he is around.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

This morning, as I crawled back into bed at 5:15 (after feeding Halle at 4:30), I prayed. I said, "Lord, it would be an awesome Mother's Day gift and a huge blessing to me if Markus slept until 7 am this morning". As I awoke to hear Markus playing in his room, I looked at the clock... it was 6:20. By 6:35 he was ready to be done in his room. I went and snatched him up and brought him into our bed- knowing there was no way I would get him to go back to sleep. But he loves to bounce and play on our bed, and at least I could stay under the covers for a little bit! We had a FANTASTIC time together. It was almost as if someone told him it was an extra special day for mommies and he was expected to turn his affection notch a few dials up (as if it isn't already super high anyways). We played and built pillow towers and hid under the blankets and tickled and giggled and sang songs and really enjoyed some just the two of us time. As we headed downstairs to start the day, I was reflecting on my prayer. God certainly blessed me, though not how I asked. He gave me sweet time with my precious son, and though I was tired, I wouldn't have traded sleep for it at all. About twenty minutes later, the morning changed... and my precious, sweet, affectionate boy was replaced with the toddler who throws tantrums, hits, screams and asserts his little will like you wouldn't believe. Our great morning turned, well, not so great. Up until we left for church (late, I may add, because of lots of discipline that had to be carried out) we battled. And I mean battled. It was awful. As I drove to church, late, tired and frustrated that I couldn't stop and get myself a Mother's Day treat at Starbucks (I didn't think it would look very good if I walked into church 20 minutes late with a latte in hand), I had another realization- this is exactly what being a mother is all about. Riding out the highs and the lows. Walking the kiddos through super fun times and super frustrating times. Being showered with kisses one minute and meltdowns the next. Mixing blueberry pancakes with delight and then seeing those very same pancakes end up on the floor- by the choice of the angry toddler. And through it all, being totally consumed by a love that I never knew was possible before I became a mommy. That love is what a day like today, a day to celebrate the mothers in my life and be celebrated myself, is all about. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.