Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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I was surfing the internet tonight and I stumbled across an interesting project called the "Mocha Club". They are working to support Africans with HIV/AIDS by way of nourishing food, education, medical care and most importantly, sharing the love of Jesus Christ. I didn't spend enough time navigating their site to say whether or not I would endorse it- that would take more time than I have tonight. But there was a video on the site that moved me and shook me... there was a 14 year old woman with her baby who showed up to receive medical care for her baby, who was covered in sores from head to toe. When the representative asked her what the baby's name was, she told her. I don't remember the name, but I will remember the meaning for the rest of my life... the baby's name meant "NO HOPE". The woman asked the young mother why she gave her that name. The young mother responded, "I watched my mother die of AIDS. I will die of AIDS. She has no hope". Wow. Through subsequent visits to the clinic, the young mother was introduced to and accepted the truth of Jesus Christ. She renamed her baby Lelethu, which means "Jesus is our hope". I can't stop crying. According to this website, $7 can give 9 orphans 3 meals in one day, pay for 21 orphans housing for 1 day or gibe 7 Africans clean water for a year. I shudder to think I spent $6 today on lunch and a snack for Markus and I today while we were out running errands. I can't help but wonder if our baby is out there already, with a mother who is heartbroken thinking there is no hope for her baby. I can't help but wonder if our baby is hungry right now. Or in pain. Or cold. Or lonely. And I can't help but think that although I know we can transform and give the life giving hope of Jesus Christ to the baby that God has for us, there will be millions that will be left behind. And the enemy whispers in my ear that we can't make a difference, that our one baby out of the millions left behind isn't enough... and yet I know. I know that God is bigger than all these statistics. I know that God loves these babies. And I trust that He has a plan. But I still cry.

Monday, July 21, 2008

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day with friends

On Tuesday Markus, Halle and I traveled to Kirkland to spend time with one of my bestest friends, Beck, and her little man Sam. We had an awesome day and Markus and Sam really played well together. Sam was in love with Halle Joy and got lots of practice being a big brother (he will be one come August).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just diapers

It's been hot here this past week. I love when the babies can just wear their diapers all day. Halle Joy will kill me for this fantastic shot of her and all her roly-poly goodness when she is older.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pics from the zoo

After walking around the zoo on Thursday, the sun was shining and the kiddos were hot, so into the sprinkler playground they went!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My awesome boy

Just some funnies to record...

* We recently went to my neice's baptism at a Catholic church in Seattle. Upon seeing the lifesize Jesus on the cross, Markus leaned over and asked "Who's that guy?". I responded, "That's Jesus". Markus' response... "Jesus has owies!".
* Markus was fascinated with the font at the church where the girls were baptized (at one point I thought he was going to dive in). The next morning, as we headed to our church, Markus asked "Can we go to the wet church again?".
* Upon leaving childcare at church yesterday, Markus said bye to the workers (Mimi, Poppy and Miss Jilly). He then shouted out "Bye kids!" to the rest of the children waiting to be picked up.
* Today in the car he asked me where Uncle Mark was.
* While praying at dinner the other night, Markus prayed the following prayer completely unprompted and on his own "Dear Jesus, help me to obey. Thank you for Abu, Dita, Papa, Daddy, corn, chicken, fork, milk. I love you Jesus. Amen."
* While at the pool the other day, Markus walked right over to a woman and said "Hey, how's it going?".

My sweet girl

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sweet giggles

Hopefully this adorable video of the girl will make up for what a slacker I have been lately...