Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Dear Halle Joy,
Today you are one. I cannot believe how quickly your first year has gone by. It is difficult for me to even remember what our lives were like before you were a part of our family.
Your name means praise and joy, and my sweet girl, that could not describe your disposition any better. You are a joyful, content, happy little girl. You rarely cry- when you do, we know it's something serious. You are loving and sweet and super affectionate. You love to cuddle and snuggle. As I pray over you at night I pray that you will keep that joyful disposition all the days of your life, and that your joy will be rooted in Christ and you will live a life of praise to the God who loves you more than I ever could.
You thoroughly enjoy your big brother, and nothing gets you to squeal more than when you "get him" by grabbing his hair. He truly delights in you Halle Joy. You have a precious gift in him, and we pray that you two will always treasure and prefer one another.
You recently started crawling, and there is no stopping you now. You want so badly to pull yourself up on things, but you haven't quite figured it out just yet. You love to bounce on our laps or in your jumper. You are trying to stand up from the floor, but it looks like you are doing the downward facing dog position. It's a riot. We often call you "Thumper" because you thump your legs on your crib before you even cry or talk to let us know you are awake.
You are quite the chunky monkey my girl, and you love to eat. We like to joke that even your rolls have rolls. Your eyes are beautiful, and they often smile before your mouth does. Your smile can captivate me like nothing else. When you reach for me, I melt.
Halle Joy, you are more precious a gift to me than I could ever ask or imagine. I look forward to watching you grow and learn... but for right now, I simply am basking in your "baby-ness". I love you and I celebrate you today.